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Softball: Fast-Paced Fast-Pitch

home-softball-fieldThe Patty Dick Softball fields are each professional-level fescue blend “Natural Grass Playing Field Systems” composed of a modified sand base rootzone with a sub-drainage system and an irrigation system. Infields are dirt.

> Click here for photos of our softball facilities.

Softball dimensions are 220 feet down the lines and 230 feet to centerfield. Both fields have a warning track. Seating capacity is 500 for each field. Both fields have covered dugouts, with bullpens. A netted batting cage accompanies the complex. 

The Softball Score Boards are Daktronics7’-0”x28’-0” LED system display, radio controlled.  Statistics of (AtBat, Ball, Strike, Out & H/E) are 18” digits.  For each team 15”digits display Nine Innings, Runs, and Hits & Errors.

Permanent steel canopies are over center seating at each Softball Field. The complex has a full service concession operation and restrooms.

Field Lighting:
All fields are lit with Musco Lighting systems with the Average Target Footcandle (fc) performance as follows:

 Baseball/Softball Fields   Infield  50 fc
   Outfield  30 fc
 Football/Soccer Fields  Entire Field  50 fc
 Track area around Football Field  All 22 fc