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Hummer Sports Park is a six-sport facility located in Topeka, Kansas . It features state-of-the-art facilities for baseball, football, softball, soccer and swimming. Hummer Sports Park has ample parking for all venues.

The park is home to a broad range of events throughout the year including KSHSAA championships in swimming, baseball, softball, football and soccer. Hummer hosts regional swimming, AAU track events, USA Womens' Olympic softball team "Aiming for Athens" National Tour, college softball championships, and college soccer.

Baseball: A "Field of Dreams" That Comes True All Season Long

home-baseball-fieldThe baseball fields are each professional level fescue blend “Natural Grass Playing Field Systems” composed of a modified sand base rootzone with a sub-drainage system and an irrigation system. Each baseball field has grass infields.

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Football: A State-of-the-Sport Gridiron Stadium

home-football-stadiumThe Weaver-Erwin football/track stadium at the Hummer Sports Park will seat 6,000 fans—4,000 on the home side (west) and 2,000 in the visitor bleachers.

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Soccer: Where Topeka's Future Soccer Stars Get Their Kicks!

home-soccer-fieldImportant soccer events hosted at Hummer include the 2005 North Carolina Women's season opener, the Kansas High School Boys' & Girls' State Championships and the National Junior College Athletic Association national and regional soccer championships.

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Softball: Fast-Paced Fast-Pitch

home-softball-fieldThe Patty Dick Softball fields are each professional-level fescue blend “Natural Grass Playing Field Systems” composed of a modified sand base rootzone with a sub-drainage system and an irrigation system. Infields are dirt.

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Swimming: The Capitol Federal Natatorium is Making a Big Splash!

Natatorium swimming pool at Hummer Sports ParkThe Capitol Federal Natatorium features a 50-meter pool with moveable bulkhead. The bulkhead can be put in place to create essentially two pools.

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Track & Field: Where Olympic Hopefuls Go for the Gold

home-trackandfieldHummer Sports Park offers a full range of modern athletic amenities for track and field enthusiasts, competitors and the organizations looking for the perfect event venue.

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From swimming events to fitness classes, the Capitol Federal Natatorium swimming facility offers it all.

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